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By Cycling Sicily Travel Info.  Posted November 09,2018


Cycling in Italy, all you need to know is that is not always easy. Indeed, one of the hardest things about it is that Italian regions vary between them. For instance, some cities have the highest percentage of cyclists in Europe. Usually, these cities are in Northern Italy. Among them, Bolzano and Ferrara are two cities in which people use a bike daily.

On the other hand, some cities don't have cycling routes. This makes it is really hard getting around the centre.

Also, some Italian Cities have the highest rate of cars in the whole of Europe.

Still, there are some regions that really worth the effort. For instance, Sicily has some of the best Cycling trails and routes. Indeed, you will see the wild part of the Island. But also enjoy some relaxing days at the most beautiful Italian beaches.

Now, let's see more in the details Cycling in Italy, all you need to know. We'll see how are the Road safety and conditions. Also, we will see the Main Cycleways and the best Cycling tours in the Country.

Cycling in Italy, all you need to know - Road Conditions

Generally speaking, Italian roads are very good. But, there are a couple of details to keep in mind:

  • In Italy temperatures that vary from very hot in summer to very cold in winter. Also, heavy winter rains, earthquakes, and other natural events; this put Italian roads really under pressure and need for constant maintenance.
  • Also, there are several minor roads. Usually, those are the ones that likely to get less maintenance, since the main ones have the priority.

Cycling in Italy, all you need to know - Roads safety

Normally, Italian drivers' reputation is not the best one in Europe. But, this does not mean that cycling in Italy is not safe. 

Actually, cyclists' safety also depends on them. For instance, when there is not a cycling route, it is a good rule to stay on side roads. Indeed, there are fewer cars and traffic.

Please, keep in mind that sometimes you could need to bike on the shoulders of busy roads. If you will be in this situation, just be aware of cars and remember that not all of them have respect for cyclists.

Organized bicycle tours in Italy

Since Italian routes and street could vary depending on the regions, we usually recommend booking a tour with experts guides of the territory. At Cycling Sicily we are experts of the island, and our guides are professional, competent and qualified.

But, if you prefer to visit the island by yourself, you could either choose to rent a bike or one of our Bed & Bike programs!

Cycling in Italy, all you need to know: contact us for all the information or requests you may have!













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