Bike Rental Sicily, all You need to know

Bike Rental Sicily, all you need to know.

By Cycling Sicily Travel Info.   Posted October 29, 2018


Are you a bike passionate? Would you like to discover Sicily in a different way? Then, you should read this article regarding the Bike Rental Sicily, all you need to know before your Sicily cycling holidays. First of all, we will help you to understand the kind of bike you need, according to the routes you want to take. Then, we will list the average prices for the Bike Rental Sicily and the kind of services provided. Also, you can explore the variety of Tours, Shore Excursions, and things to do in Sicily during your holidays. 

Which bike should I rent?

When you rent your bike, you should be aware of the type of routes you would like to take. Either you are an expert or a beginner, your bike should be a top range. What does it mean? All you need to know is that the top range bikes are more reliable due to the materials, like the carbon frame and the first range tyres. 

City Bike

If you are travelling with your family and you want to enjoy the landscape, we advise renting a city bike. Those bikes are easy to ride and comfortable for the streets. 

Mountain Bike

On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the wild side of Sicily, you can choose a Mountain Bike. When riding a MTB you can take offroad routes and have a lot of fun! 

Road Bike

Otherwise, if you are a bike passionate and want to enjoy the city routes, you can choose a Road bike.

Which are the rental prices and conditions in Sicily?


First of all, it's important to know that the Bike Rental Sicily shops usually rent a bike for a minimum of 2 days. But, there are also many shops that have hour-based rentals or daily plans. In general, renting a bike for more than 1 day gives you more time and independence to explore the island. Now, let's see the average prices for the Bike Rental in Sicily.

On average, 1-day rental could cost between 30 and 40 euros (per day). Longer is the period you choose, cheaper is the rental. For instance, if you rent a bike for 2 days, usually you should pay between 25 and 35 euros (per day). Finally, if you choose a weekly rental, for more than 6 days, you should pay between 20 and 30 euros (per day).

Which are the best Bike Rentals?

All around the island, there are several bike rentals. Usually, you can stop by and rent your bike. But, especially during the high season, we advise booking your bike in advance. Also, there are several shops that have their own website, where you can book and pay your bike in advance. So, the only thing you should do when arriving will be to pick up your bike and start your ride! In general, the best Bike Rentals are the ones that offer first class bikes, with carbon frame and gears.

Book your bike to rent in advance


During the high season, so from June to September, we always advise booking your bike in advance. How can you do it?

One option could be to call the shop or send an email. But the easiest and cheapest option usually is to book online, through the website. And, if you book with us, you can also choose among several extra services, like private transfers from the airports, ports or train stations, or Bike Tours.















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